How The Magic Happens

Sit Back & Relax. We'll Send You A Custom, Luxury Reading Experience!

Our BiteMeBox Process

You want to devour great books written by incredible authors, discovering new, steamy worlds & adventures you can become obsessed with… 

To feel the weight of an amazing book in your hand & the experience of really, really reading. 

So we go forth!  Into the world, hunting & searching for the greatest to sate your hunger!

Then, we spend months working directly with the best authors in all of paranormal romance & urban fantasy to bring you a totally custom reading experience.

Unlike other boxes that focus on all the “stuff” (well, we do that also) we focus on the books, the stories, the characters & the worlds you’ll be immersed into.

Each box contains three incredible, themed novels by either New York Times, USA Today or award winning authors.

Often times you’ll discover these books are our own custom printings & contain exclusive content, covers or extras that can’t be found anywhere else!

Each box has a clever, useful & fun custom themed item, as well as extra goodies directly from the authors & delightful treats for you to enjoy with your reads!

And please don’t forget to share your experience with your friends!

What if you’ve already read one of the books we’re featuring?

Worry not!  To make sure you’re always getting the freshest we feature up to 3 amazing books AND at least one, if not all will be sporting extras that are totally unique to our box.

How It Works


Our book box delivers up to 3 New York Times, USA Today or Award Winning Authors each month. We’ll ship your steamy boxes until your bookshelf over flows!

BiteMeBox Arrives:

Open it up!
Discover incredible treats, books & themes each month!  Every box is designed to be a totally immersive experience you’ll never forget.

What extra fun will be waiting inside for you?

Enjoy Your Steamy Reads:

Cuddle up with your books, mouth-watering treats & indulgent goodies every month you’re with us.  Every box is a gateway to incredible series by amazing authors!

Curl up & enjoy!

What makes BiteMeBox the leading paranormal romance & urban fantasy subscription box?

  • 3 incredible themed books from only the best authors in the genres – Each book often has a retail value of up to $15.97 if purchased on it’s own.  However, as many of our books are original, custom printings, they are one of a kind and not available for purchase anywhere else.
  • Custom author interviews giving you a peek into the mind of the writers.
  • A custom bookish keepsake that’s either useful, fun or super clever such as jewelry, home decor, pampering and self-care goodies.
  • Exclusive swag from the authors, often with even more free goodies & books attached – Often including access to digital versions of even more free, premium books.  
  • A custom, collectable, themed book mark or art print.
  • Delightful tasty treats.