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Our monthly book box delivers up to 3 New York Times, USA Today or Award Winning Authors each month. Join for 1, 3 or 6 Month Plans. We’ll ship your steamy boxes until you say stop!

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Open it up! Discover your treats, books & themes each month!  Every box is designed to be a totally immersive experience you’ll never forget

What extra fun will be waiting inside for you?

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Cuddle up with your books, mouth-watering treats & indulgent goodies every month you’re with us.  Every box is a gateway to an incredible series by amazing authors!

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What's Inside the Box?

Each Month You'll Discover A Fantastic Theme Along With Treasures & 3 Incredible Books By 3 Amazing Authors!

Inside each box you’ll discover 3 New York Times, USA Today or Award winning authors in Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy. Along with those books you’ll receive high-end tasty treats, exclusive themed swag from the authors (often times including even more great books!) as well as customized fun or useful items you will adore & a custom self care item.  This is THE box for lovers of paranormal romance & urban fantasy who also want to indulge & be pampered.

Why Will You Love Bite Me Box?

Because BiteMeBox is the only adult focused paranormal romance & urban fantasy box out there that delivers exactly what you want the most: Incredible books from the best authors. We work directly with all of our authors & often are able to deliver to you a totally exclusive version of their books that can’t be found anywhere else in the world!  But that’s not even the start of it…

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